Royal Canadian Navy Police: Quick Note

In my last post, I didn’t include any information about the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Naval Police (N.P.)/Shore Patrol. While I found some information on MP Museum’s website, I wanted more detailed information and get at source documentation.

Anita Draper posted personal letters from Noah Draper. One letter dated 29 December, 1916, highlighted that the Naval Police had a censorship and/or Counter-Intelligence function.

A web site dedicated Canadian Military Police (NOTE: the redcap website) indicated that the RCN, likely during WWII, relied upon dockyard police, local civil authorities and shore patrol. MP Museum does back this up and provide more details on who had RCN policing functions. With associations with the Director of Naval Intelligence, Naval Provost Marshal and a mix of other, I think that gaining an understanding of the WWI RCN NP will be an arduous task.

3. WWII RCN Police information:
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