The NAHL: Pittsburgh Athletic Association All-stars

The 1917/18 Pittsburgh Athletic Association found itself under threat of professionalism and without an amateur league to play in. World War I drafted many players, which closed many leagues. The players were exclusively Canadian and some of the best played on the team during the war years. Roy D. Schooley, a Canadian himself, knew where to find talent. With war threatening Pittsburgh’s hockey dreams, Roy met up with Cornelius Fellowes and George V. Brown to create the National Amateur Hockey League.

Home Rink: Duquesne Gardens
Owner/Manager: Roy D. Schooley
Coach: None
Scout: Arthur “Art” Sixsmith
Trainer: M. S. Maisack

Family Name Given Name Team
Baker Angus G. “Stubby” Pittsburgh
Drury Herbert “Herb” Pittsburgh
Fuller Paddy “P.J.” Pittsburgh
McCormick Joseph “Joe” Pittsburgh
McCormick Lawrence “Larry” Pittsburgh
McCrimmon Russell Pittsburgh
Nagle Edmund “Eddie” Burke Pittsburgh
Madden Francis Charles “Dink” Pittsburgh

Note: Wikipedia’s article on Duquesne Gardens